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Oh Me
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Things have been a complete turn since my last post. I decided to postpone leaving for a week so I could focus wholly on my health. I can’t believe how sick I’ve been these past few weeks and a cross country road trip was just unimaginable. Since my binge, my diet greatly improved but has not been 100%

(WARNING: please don’t read below if you will be tempted; I would absolutely hate to be encouraging anyone to fall off a more stringent routine)

I’ve been indulging in a small amount of dark chocolate almonds. I also have a piece of toasted sprouted grain bread or sprouted English muffin which has helped the transition tremendously. In particular, it’s helped me completely laid off the white bread and pastry items I was craving and caving into so often. I have incorporated a great deal more vegetables and greens into my diet. Organic goat’s milk kefir and yogurt are also enjoyable; the kefir is quite sour so I mix it into a green smoothie (kale or romaine) or have it with my sprouted grain item.

I hate taking the coconut oil and find stark fat difficult to ingest. But, my breathing has improved greatly and I would say the buildup in my throat has decreased by about 50%. The cramping and pain after ingesting the oil still continues lasting only for about 2 hours so it’s worth dealing with.

Any effects of the diet are so small compared to the pain and illness I was experiencing. Before beginning this I had a fever, extremely bad headaches and joint pain. My knees are still badly swollen, but I’m hoping that goes down as my body becomes healthier. I also had a UTI which has since cleared up with the help of unsweetened cranberry juice (it’s acidic so I tried to chase it with greens as much as possible). Overall, I am just feeling so much more positive and healthy. My next step is to continue to improve my eating habits and also keep from sliding back into bad ones (that is often easy for me to do once I start feeling better and don’t have such severe consequences of the Candida)

Raster and Jo-Thank you both for your replies! I have been exercising more to “sweat” out the toxins and rediscovered a love for vegetables, which are very inexpensive, even as organic.