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mazz wrote: Hi, I’m new here. I went gluten free about a month ago because a nutritionist friend suggested my symptoms might be gluten intolerance. It helped a lot but then I realised sugar and white rice and a few other things were triggers as well, and that gluten is only part of it and that it’s candida – probably the legacy of a whole year, four years ago, when I was taking antibiotics as an antimalarial (can’t believe the doctors will even let someone do that)!

The diet is a real challenge for me because I am still breastfeeding my little girl so I’m very wary of even attempting Stage 1 – she just takes so much out of me, I have to be able to put something back. My other big problem is that I live in Kuwait and it’s really hard, if not impossible, to get hold of unusual ingredients here. I have access to plenty of vegetables, but I cannot get coconut flour, buckwheat flour or almond flour (I can get almonds to make my own almond milk, and also ground almonds). Occasionally I can get organic eggs at vast expense, but most eggs and meat are definitely NOT organic. Most of the supplements mentioned on here are not available, although my mum is arriving for a visit the day after tomorrow and is bringing probiotics.

Can someone advise me please? Is it okay to go ahead with the strict diet and not attempt stage one? And what on earth can I eat, apart from vegetables? I’ve been eating brown rice and it doesn’t SEEM to cause a reaction but I read somewhere on here that it may still be feeding the candida?

Hi and welcome!
I will give you some links as a good starter, read through them they will answer a lot of your questions. Feeding the baby you need to be smart and eat well to be strong. So, before you go into the battle with candida through the diet, read and ask here and then move on. Everyone is different and what works works. So why not starting slowly, if brown rice works for you, great. Dont make yourself crazy with that I might feed the candida but I dont feel anything. If I would feel good I would give a dam if I have candida or not. The problem is that I have a lot of problems and they make me move. what kind of symptoms do you have?

Anyhow here are the links:

You can order from Kuwait I guess, iHerb sends their stuff around the world.–Europe.aspx

all the best and if you have any question people here love to help you!