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Hi Mazz!

Firstly, well done for breastfeeding for so long… she’s a lucky girl! I’d finished breastfeed my 4th by the time that I was diagnosed with candida but I think I managed to pass it on to him by then anyway 🙁 He gets a white sore tongue very frequently, and fungal type infection in his nappy area. I’ve had him on an infant probiotic and that has helped both and he also has a lot of my candida friendly food like coconut oil, organic eggs, roast veggies. He’s only 14 months though so I don’t want him to be fully carb free and it’s hard to eliminate all sugars (he loves his fruit!). Also he takes formula from a cup and there’s so much nutrition in that (iron, all the vits etc) that I don’t want him off that just yet either. So what I’m trying to do is feed him as healthily as possible and give him the probiotic and hopefully that will work for now.

I grew up in the Middle East (Qatar) and still visit my parents there so understand your limitations with buying all the bits. There’s a girl Trixie on here who lives in the Middle East but hasn’t been on the forum for a while – I’ll PM her and see if she has any ideas for you.

Best of luck with your recovery (by the way I second all of what Orka says about keeping healthy being your main priority – there’s just no way you could do a crash diet of the cleanse etc).