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jacgues;46066 wrote: Hi guys,
I spent thousands of dollars in past year (im 20 – need to afford it on my own).
I ve tried almost everythin – even in very high dosages.

Last two months i was takin 16! capsules of nystatin per day.
It works very good but now im sure – my systemic candida has built a really strong biofilm.

I’m look for an advice and your opinions about treatment i’ve prepared for myself for next 3 months.

Wakin up in the middle of the night to take:
600mg of apo-lactoferirn
200mg of lactoferrin
6 AMD Syntol caps
4 caps of Candex (Candisol would be way better but its very hard to buy in retail sale)
2 caps of nystatin 500,000 iu
2 caps of Puritains Pride Probiotic 10
2-4 caps of bacillus laterosporus

During the day i’ll take:
9g of lufenuron (once per 2 weeks) – dosage for 150kg guy (my weight is about 50kgs :/)
6 caps of nystatin
200-400mg ketokonazole
100-200mg of lactoferrin
300-600mg of apo-lacoferrin

Immunity function (ive a cold for almost a year)
5-10g of colostrum 20%
2-3 caps of Vilcacora extract (eq. of 10g)
5g of vit C with bioflavonoids
2000-4000 ui of vit D3

Detox and liver health:
200-300mg of silica SiO2
6-8g of lecithin (choline, fofolipides)
200-400mg of sylimarol

What do you think about that?
I live in Poland – my treatment per month costs about an average salary which is a lot for me – i’ve no help finanse or mental help from my parrents 🙁
I hope it will help me destroy the biofilms and candida problem.


I’m tryin to blind treat myself versus parasites. I’ve tried nitazoxanide twice. I’m going to try nimorazole.

What do you eat ??

How do you know candida has formed biofilms inside your gut ???

I can advise you but need to know what you put in your mouth.