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I caught it. Once intercourse only. That was all it took.
Wrecked my life. 29th December 2007, then I woke up on the 1st of March with terrible breath, and white tongue.

How do I make the connection. My breath was the same terrible, deathly breath that I smelled of hers. I told her she had to go, as her breath was terrible.

I have seen the word “cure” be bandied about here. Has anyone actually got cured?
I mean, been brought back to the health and lifestyle they had before they got sick?
In law, often a legal remedy for someone who has been wronged is compensation such that it would put them in the same position as they were before they were wronged by the other party.

This is what I would consider a cure with Candida.
So has anyone actually been cured, where they aren’t living a restricted life of strict diet? Or has nobody been cured?