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Able900 wrote: Don’t you think it’s just a little ridiculous to start this up again on another post, Jorge, after what we’ve been through tonight?

Do you think someone can take you seriously about it ??.

LOL .. apparently you do, Jorge.
You’ve been debating this with me since around noon today, haven’t you? (see link above).


Yes, I have done it because I see the amount of time you dedicate to help others. It is something I admire from you. On the other hand, I see how close you are when you want to be right and to push your point of view. My first answers were telling you I have read many testimonies from people sick with this syndrome that never reached a cure until they chelate. I am tired of reading papers, research, abstracts, and materials offering information about candida. It has been enough for me ! I don’t want to see more. They have given me nothing but worries. I am following what others have done to resolve it and thanks them for having the good heart of leaving testimonies. Yes, yes, and yes !!! Mercury is linked to CRC in many cases. Neither you, nor me can hide it. Papers are one thing and the reality is another. You never will give a good advice until you consider all the things related to this syndrome. Some day you will learn it. It is a matter of time if you continue doing what you do. There will be many cases that don’t heal with a diet and supplements, and those also deserve to find a cure.