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dvjorge wrote:
So, were you out of your mind when you wrote it ??
Does this post from you say something about silver fillings as a mercury source ?? You even mentioned that most often this is the case when mercury is present.
Does this topic say something about it is much more difficult to cure candida when people are contaminated with mercury ??
Where is your credibility when you go back and forth ??
Why you contradict me when I warned people about mercury when you have done the same even no knowing proper chelation technics ??
Let see what people on this forum think about your internal contradictions.

You still don’t get it, do you Jorge. God bless you, man.

Please try to understand this; I’ll state it as simply as I can.

I am not saying that mercury isn’t a problem; nor have I stated that chelation therapy to remove toxins can present a problem; in fact, the opposite is true since I have advocated this as proven in the message I wrote which you just posted. But chelation therapy and having amalgams physically removed are two entirely different things.
What I’ve done is to post research studies which state that having amalgams physically removed from one’s mouth in order to rid the body of mercury is completely unnecessary as well as it being a scam practiced by charlatans and at times unauthorized persons (i.e. Huggins). If you read all of my posts under this subject very carefully, maybe you’ll get it.

Try real hard, Jorge … or, are you refusing to “get it” on purpose? Is that it, Jorge?