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Thanks for all of the information you provided. I have been diagnosed with candida, adrenal fatigue, and hypothyroid. I had a salivary cortisol test done and my cortisol levels were extremely high which has lead to alot of anxiety problems. I have heart palpitations, tremors, and generally feel nervous and shaky all the time.

I will say I have managed to get rid of about 90% of my candida symptoms but Im still struggling with the high cortisol which makes it impossible to completey get rid of candida. I have found that things such as yoga and meditation help bring my levels down as well as eating a good diet and getting some form of exercise each day. I have alos decided to add low-sugar fruits such as blueberries and raspberries and these have been a huge help with my anxiety and mood. I do know that extremely low-carb high protein diets can cause cortisol levels to rise which could be a correlation between the candida diet most of us are following and anxiety problems. I just know I generally feel better overall when I eat the right kind of carbs.

I will say though, running to your doctor for an anti-depressant is not the long term answer. Serotonin is produced from food, sunlight, exercise and other factors. What SSRI’s do is essentially keep the serotonin from breaking down and making it more readily available for your brain to use. If your body isnt producing serotonin to begin with, Im not sure how making it more available would help. I tried anti-depressants for about 6 months and they did nothing for my depression and anxiety. There are also numerous studies showing these are no better than placebo in extended trials.

What did help was making sure I got plenty of food, exercise, sunlight, and relaxation every day. I also took 5-htp and Calm Cp which lowers cortisol. Im not cured yet but I feel Im on the right path and am seeing alot of positives from this protocol.