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Ah gotcha. Yeah I know all about winter depression. In winter in particular I would binge on sugar and alcohol. This is how I think Candida started for me.

The CFS goes 9 years back (age of 14/15). Back then it belonged to my depression, according to my psychologist at the time. Also I am highly sensitive, which means my brain is constantly overloading on information that is coming in. Too much stimuli that I cant handle. I am still struggling with all this.

A grey country indeed, but that’s not issue. The issue is how I perceive it. I spent one winter in south india and still had the same symptoms. This taught me that the world is a result of my perception.
I had some light therapy with the lamp you speak of, it felt good on short term for me actually.

I have tried: meditation, excessive exercising, eye laser surgery (when I found out my eyes were pretty damn awful and thought that was the cause), anti depressants, and lastly a big cleanse with a candida diet (sort of) in a vegan community in south india where I had one very significant change that lasted 3 days. Actual energy. Other then that, I’ve always been tired and brain fogged. My physical energy and happiness was better during the excessive exercise and meditation (this was before the candida) but the fatigue never went away at that time either.
Now I’m trying weed. Im pretty sure it makes me feel better on the short term at least. lol… Better than alcohol anyway.

OH almost forgot. I’m trying MMS. I’m keeping a log on the ‘advice’ section of this forum. I think I also have some parasites still partying in my gut from india/nepal. I hope this stuff takes care of that and the candida.

Any treatment you are looking into besides the candida one? I would be interested to hear.