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Hi Chris,

I see you’re from the Netherlands, actually that’s where I’ve fallen ill when I lived there for my studies 🙂

First I had a winter depression, probably because I wasn’t used to the more northern Netherlands with less light in the winter. It started in september, but I didn’t know it was a winter depression until I went to a chronobiology center in april of the following year. I wasn’t really feeling depressed during that time, but extremely fatigued and unmotivated and had constant cravings for sugar and carbohydrates. This is one of the main symptoms of winter depression because melatonine, which is regulated by light, is linked to the glucose level. Therefore I was eating tons and tons of food and sweets. After that my sleep cycle got treated and normalized and I managed to sleep early at night again. Once the spring light was back, everything went back to normal and I felt completely healthy for two months. Then, I caught a flu (might have been EBV), had throat pain and swollen tonsils for a long time and slowly the fatigue started, and in the end I was left with CFS. The abdominal symptoms started much later.
So in the end I don’t really know what caused my CFS. Maybe I was feeding the Candida a lot during the winter depression and once I caught the flu it took advantage of the busy immune system, I don’t know. But I will really go for this Candida diet now to see if it makes a change.

Something I can really recommend in case you don’t have it yet is a light therapy lamp. There are studies that it not only helps with winter depression but also with normal depression. In the morning, first thing you do when you wake up is look at it from a close distance for half an hour or fifteen minutes… it takes some days or weeks until you feel something, but I am convinced that it really helps, especially in a gray country like the Netherlands…
I got mine from here:

Sorry about writing so much. How did your CFS start? What did you try so far?