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kmcheney48;57366 wrote: Hello all! I am new here, I have recently beat Candida. I am about 90% better which is an amazing feeling. I can get into my full story another time as I would love to help others with this, but I had an appointment to get breast implants as I have embarrassing tuberous breasts that I finally could afford to get fixed and was so excited for it, I scheduled this with an amazing plastic surgeon before I came down with Candida and when I was feeling well. My dr who diagnosed me with Candida is looking into this too but does anyone know of this is an awful idea? I keep reading things about Candida and breast implants and I’m a little nervous now. I obviously pick my health over breast implants but I had been looking forward to finally fixing my deformity and was wondering about this. Thanks!

I don’t see how they relate each other. As long as you don’t take antibiotics, I see no problem.