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Landy360 wrote: Well i’ve been fasting for awhile now seeing that i’ve been on the diet for a about 5 months now give or take. And yeah its been hell i’m always hungry to the point where i get weak if i dont eat. i have to eat all the time because after i eat anything thats allowed, i get hungry within an hour again or two again. And i’m scared to go to the doctor again because last time they basically shoo’d me away when i tolod him my symptoms and was convinced that i “had depression or anxiety.”

What’s your diet like? The hunger could simply be a lack of calories, or a drop in blood sugar or both. Drops in blood sugar could have a few causes. If your liver is in bad shape, it might be struggling to store enough glucose to fuel you between meals. Do you feel anxious a lot? Once the glucose runs out, your body pumps out stress hormones to create more from protein. Have you been losing any muscle mass?

The make-up of your meals could be another issue. For example, egg protein is very insulinogenic. Insulin leads to a drop in blood sugar, so balancing it with carbs can help. Getting sound sleep can help the liver recover, but it’s also hard to sleep soundly when you don’t store glycogen well, since you can get adrenaline rushes. If you do eat carbs, some close to bedtime with a bit of fat might help support your liver as far into the night as possible.

It’s vital to address these problems, because hypoglycaemia is much more a cause of infections and other health problems than the foods you’re avoiding. It could simply be a case of getting enough calories and nutrients, but if your liver is struggling with low-carb, you may need to start supporting it. I should also point out that I’m not much of an expert on this stuff. I’m really just encouraging you to research and experiment and find what you respond well to.