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Hi Positivo,

I realise this isn’t a current post but I just wanted to say it’s nice to see someone in a similar position as me, I am also 21 and at university, I went on the Candida diet in the second semester of my first year (well over a year ago) because I like you felt sometimes I couldn’t even leave my dorm room, I suffered badly from CFS and IBS.

You’re probably doing pretty well (there are set backs and ups and downs all the time) and managing your symptoms but I just wanted to say that there is hope for a social life. I’ve been really lucky and made an absolutely wonderful set of friends who more than accept my odd eating habits. I know that you sound like the crazy person at first when all your friends are eating the same food and you’re having protein and vegetables but I’ve found if you don’t let it bother you it won’t bother others and now when I meet new people they have no trouble accepting the way I eat. I’m known for being the super healthy one of all of us but the others certainly don’t mind, it’s a bit of a running joke and never an issue. In fact one of my friends constantly thanks me for showing her how easy it is to incorporate healthy meals and other people will always congratulate you on your will power and say they wish they could do the same. Most people really want to lead a healthier life style, so be grateful you are.

As for going out drinking that’s obviously an issue I’ve struggled with and perhaps a reason I’m not cured (althought there could be many), I rarely drink which is something people do find harder to accept but am always keen to partake in any other activity. You can and should be fun to be around without drinking. Eating out can be stressful but I always approach it with an open mind and find that it is others who become more worried for me (trying to find places for me to eat), most restraunts are more than happy to grilled fish or meat with salad.

Remember your on the candida diet to get your life back not to ruin it more so don’t let it dictate or define your life. I know from experience that this is a rollercoaster but as long as you stay positive you know set backs will pass, at the end of the day you are (probably) 100xs healthier than you would have been without this diet so if healthy eating and outlook on food is all you gain from it (unlikely) you are miles ahead of most of the population. :).

I would love to here how your doing and any ways you’ve found to cope with socialising, studying etc?