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Full fat cocnut milk by native forest is great to help you get the good fats you need. You can make green smoothies or yogurt using your probiotics. Also good to eat fermented, live foods.
Check out some recipes on elanas pantry for pancakes and crackers using almond flour….great for take along snacks.
It’s definitely hard being social with this diet but if you bring some snacks with you, you will be more prepared to enjoy social events. I also bring stevia packets and make myself a lemonade coctail with water, lemons and stevia.
If you are experiencing a lot of gas still you might want to take a broad spectrum enzyme to help with digestion. Chew your food really well. Try to keep a log of when you get the gas ( i.e. is it with high protein meals or raw cruciferous vegetables).
There might be underlying food intolerances as well. two great probiotics are klaires vital 10 and gut pro. You want to slowly increase your probiotic intake….start at one before bedtime….if tolerated add a second in the morning on empty stomach. You want to find your perfect dose for your body weight( refer to gaps diet). Once on max dose for 6 months add in Sach b probiotic which is good for candida. Alternate taking Sach b one day on the other the next day. Good luck!