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You should look into a vitamin called zypan by standard process. It will help completely eliminate any gas problems that you may have. It has worked really well for me.

For weight gain, you should try the teff bread I make under the coconut bread recipe. Another idea is to try coconut milk (if you are not allergic) in the coming weeks/months. I am slightly allergic to it so cannot handle it. In time the weight loss will subside and I have actually managed to gain some weight with the diet. Also chicken, buffalo, or lamb sausage is pretty high in fat and can help with weight gain.

If you need any food suggestions, I would be happy to help.

I would consider cutting the rice and following the allowed foods list:

I would consider substituting it with buckwheat.

There will become a time when you are virtually symptom free, it just takes time, patience, and a good plan.

For constipation tips, check out this post: