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nabs2805 wrote: Im 21 aswell, believe me you not alone, only thing i havent yet started the diet, i always try but then i feel so out of place and i just end up giving up 🙁 But im going to start it again, just this time im putting in my all, im hoping to get my will power and self esteem up, it kinda makes it difficult for me living with a family who thinks that all this is all in my head. Ive got a mother who constantly fights with me about eating different, thats why i kind of fail at attempting the diet aswell.

As for my friends, they more supportive…they poke jokes at me at times about this whole journey i keep going on and keep on getting off. You people have really been inspiration and I feel like i can tackle this 🙂 Wish me luck

Yea my mom pressures me too. As well as everyone else in my family I have been offered all kinds of food especially cake from all the birthdays in my family but I always say nope and watch them stuff their faces. I used to get so pissed because it feels disrespectful when ppl know your trying hard to improve your health through diet and they know this and still constantly offer you stuff like cake but you gotta understands your goals it’s not about them. Good luck.