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Before I came to this forum, I purchased and used two complete bottles (large ones) of Candex. The first bottle I tried without the diet, because so many recommendations said you could get relief while not on the diet. I didn’t notice any change in my health. The second bottle was while on the diet and also didn’t get any relief.

The product might help some that have a very mild case of candida. Personally, I think the diet and natural antifugnals have helped me more than that product ever could. I wish I had found this site sooner so that I wouldn’t have wasted my money on it.

I’m not sure about your question about the enzymes making it worse, but I do know that digestive enzymes have been discussed on the forum many times. Not sure if that discussion applies to this question as well. Maybe someone else will be able to provide some insight into that.

As for your question about corn, this is a post from Able several weeks ago:

“I’m also embarrassed to say that corn is the most abundant grain produced in America, and amazingly, the worst grain available. For this fact I hang my head in shame.

Not only does corn have the worst fatty acid profile (Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio) of any other grain, but it’s also the host to over 20 different types of fungi. Some of these fungi put out debilitating mycotoxins (metabolites which are capable of causing diseases that lead to death) that have killed both animals and people.

Adding to this bad news, corn also contains a rather large amount of something called ‘lectin’ (not lecithin) To understand lectin (sugar-binding proteins containing sugar chains), look at it as a key that fits a lock that contains a specific type of carbohydrate. If a lectin containing the right key comes in contact with a ‘lock’ on the gut wall or an artery or gland it can literally open the “lock” at which time it disrupts the membrane and damages the cell and can actually initiate a flood of immune and autoimmune actions which lead to the death of cells. This is as bad as it sounds when you’re looking at these so-called ‘locks’ being ingested on a daily or even semi-daily basis. In research studies, lectins show a resistance to stomach acid and digestive enzymes so they can bind to the intestinal wall and damage the wall lining, and they can alter gut permeability as well as pass through the wall into general circulation.

If you think it sounds like I’m describing what Candida albicans can do in the human intestines, you’re right. These alterations in function of the intestines have been related to colitis, Crohn’s Disease, Celiac-Sprue, IBS and gut permeability. We would all be much better off if corn had never been grown for human consumption.”

What stage are you on the diet? If you are to the point of introducing more foods, I would highly suggest you introduce other foods that are better for you instead. Corn products are widely available and convenient…but are so horrible for you.