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raster;52411 wrote: Well the coffee isn’t helping and is likely a major contributor of your anxiety. Basically anything that damages the brain can contribute to your anxiety such as alcohol, drugs, prescription drugs, smoking, sugar, gluten, dairy, caffeine, etc. Prior use of these items essentially has eroded the fatty acids within the brain, and you need to replenish the brain with these items.

There are specific supplements for the inner neural membrane, outer neural membrane, and the material between them…

Flax is a great one that can completely reduce your anxiety and heal it.

Another one to consider is salmon which contains omega oils, etc. A lot of the healing supplements I mentioned are developed from fish and some vegans have a problem with this.

Quinoa is problematic for the diet because it is difficult to digest. Almond milk is problematic for the diet unless you make it fresh at home after soaking the almonds in water to remove the molds. The stuff in the store will contain molds which basically benefits the yeast. While the fruit is widely promoted on many candida diets, it is something that can benefit yeast with its sugar content.


I eat so little fats, I will start today adding some fat into my diet.
I have flax-meal on occasion…I will have to figure out how to add some in my diet since before I put it in smoothies that had fruit in them, and Im afraid of fruit right now.

I do not consume any animal products at all, including gelatin capsules so I will have to find a way around this. I know EFAs are so important.
I used to be very mindful of including them in the form of flax, but not so much the last few weeks.

Since yesterday I dont eat anything but greens and a few veggies.
Too scared.
I think after my doctors appointment I might try some different foods…but I can feel that just the thought of eating puts the fear in me right now.

Im about to have some broiled broccoli, just to get something in me.
Hope that isnt a bad food for candida.
I should go look that up 😉