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Doggiemama wrote: oh cool. I can use it for bread i made some coconut bread tonight. not good for me. it smelled sweet before baking it. and i tried buckwheat. That was HORRIBLE. i spit that whats a good flour/meal that will work for breads?

Also is Expeller Pressed Canola Oil acceptable? I found some mayo with everything good except i wasnt sure about the canola oil in it. i tried making mayo too. it didnt turn out too well. it was bitter. I will try the organic rolled oats..I ordered oat bran just isnt here yet. Definitely looking for a new taste..

Thanks Able!!!!!

IF you test out oat bran and buckwheat successfully, you can try the bread I am making:

3 cups flour (I use half oat bran flour and half buckwheat)
1 tbsp baking powder
some salt (this depends on your taste)
3 larger eggs
2 tbsp EVO (or just olive, whatever you are using)
1 1/2 cups of warm water (or if you are having yoghurt/kefir you can substitute portion of water with that)

Mix ingredients, add to the greased bread baking pan and bake about an hour on 180 degrees C.

To change up the taste of the bread, you can add some dried rosemary in it or some other herb you like.

I didn’t care for plain buckwheat bread, it was too dry and had no taste. This is fairly decent so try it when you are able to.

Hope this helps!