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Here’s an important post I recommend checking out:


You kind of are doing your own thing with your treatment plan and so I don’t know what to suggest, but the antifungals in the cleanse product likely will kill some of the probiotics, so I would not take them together in the same meal.

Additionally, the cleanse product contains berberine which I do not recommend taking because this is essentially an antibiotic which will destroy some of your beneficial bacteria.

There are a lot of candida cleanse type products out there and a lot of these are all hype because they just won’t cure anyone in my opinion. For most people this is a long term 6-18+ battle and you typically need way different supplements and treatment plans than what these products and companies suggest.



You are so correct. I am doing my own thing. Not because I want to, but because I fell quickly through the cracks of the allopath medical society. I was on my own as far as I could tell. I self diagnosed…something I ordinarily would not feel very comfortable about. But, I had had a fungal overgrowth 8-9 years back for which my Doc at the time eventually treated with some strong antifungal med for 3 months, finally knocking it out of me. After chasing around the idea of a bacterial infection this time around, it suddenly dawned on me that it must be the fungus resurrected. But, since my tests for bacteria, protozoa, celiac, and whatever came back negative, my present doctor essentially cut me loose. I sorted it out by searching online, and have started with Ann Boroch’s The Candida Cure book diet which the book outlines. That is why I bought the Candida Cleanse…she recommends it.

Two weeks in (almost), I feel my symptoms are under control so that I have resumed my normal lifestyle. And, that is what I wanted most…my life back. But, I realize I have a lot to learn. I appreciate your links and will try to absorb this approach that you follow. I certainly don’t want to overtax my liver. I think I will have to find a naturopath that is familiar with all this…because I am not, and neither is the current MD I have. I told him I was going on the diet and he said, “Oh, the Candida diet is a good diet”…but, I guess he should have added “Good luck to you!” as well.

So, to get back to the antifungal/probiotics issue. Are you saying that I shouldn’t be taking the probiotics yet? Ann Boroch did say to start them in the third month, but the way I catapulted myself into the start of the diet with the bowel cleanse, I felt I had better quickly put some good bacteria back ASAP. I am sorry about the berberine in Candida Cleanse. After I finish the bottle (I can’t believe how much this diet has cost so far and I can’t throw this antifungal away…I just can’t…I have thrown out so much food already, and new recipes that flunked in just two weeks…well, you know)…anyway, after I finish the bottle, what antifungal would you most recommend?

Well, thank you, thank you! I have a lot to learn, but your response has been a help.