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Eating a banana is like opening the windows of a house during a fire, it’ll greatly feed the candida. Not only does it contain close to 30g of sugar per serving, making it one of the highest sugar fruits there is, but it is also very high in mold content which needs to be avoided at all costs.

A better alternative would be about 15 blueberries which contain 8g of sugar per serving and if they are fresh, will not contain much molds.

I would only introduce fruit daily when you are basically symptom free. For me this took about a year on the diet. I started to eat apples daily but experienced a setback; now I can eat them daily with no problems.

I’d only stick with berries which are low in sugar until you are symptom free.

Additionally, we do not suggest drinking almond milk unless you make it at home from scratch because the almonds contain molds. To avoid the molds in the almonds, you need to soak them and roast them.

Most forum members are following the strict forum diet, and if you are interested in a copy, email able900.