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moochpb;42889 wrote: , my stool is pale colored now but I am going to the bathroom multiple times a day which is good.

Hey Moochpb,
Just noticed this part of your original post,
If your stool is pale, that has more to do with the gallbladder and bile flow than enzymes … You see, besides the enzymes that the Pancreas injects into the intestine, there is also Gallbladder (if you still have one) that injects bile into the intestine,…. Bile is a greeish color and is what gives the stool it’s color… if there is a gallstone that is blocking the bilary duct or bile is not getting to the intestine (you need an ultrasound to see what the reason is) then the stool will turn pale…

One easy home remedy for this is eating Sauerkraut… cabbage helps bile flow… another one is drinking coffee if you can…. but these are just home remedies…. Do what your doc says.