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moochpb;42889 wrote: When I started taking enzymes it was in October 2012. I have went from enzymes, switched to bitters for a bit then got back on enzymes for a few months. My pancreatic enzymes were good in November but my pancreas now shows huge pancreatic insufficiency.

Hi, Mooch.
Synthetic enzymes are a substitute for the enzymes that the body normally makes on its own. Therefore, taking synthetic enzymes regularly can cause the pancreas to reduce its output of enzymes and literally become ‘lazy’ therefore reducing its ability to produce the enzymes.
What you described in your post is proof that this can and does happen.

On the other hand, digestive bitters are not made up of synthetic enzymes but rather it stimulates the vagus nerves allowing the body to make its own enzymes in the correct types and amounts needed at the time, therefore, the body can’t become dependent on synthetic enzymes.