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moochpb;42984 wrote: Yeah this is crazy how my pancreas is bein lazy now. My blood pressure is about 110, 115 so I really don’t want it dropping. But I’ll check out the supplements

Yeah, if you have low blood pressure, I would be careful with this formula.

Btw, one thing I like to explain about buying Chinese formulas is that Quality is very important. That’s why I mentioned to buy “Sun Ten”…. Reason is, there are many junkie products that come from China that are very low quality… So I only buy the formulas that are manufactured in the USA because they are monitored by the FDA… out of the 3 major brands manufactured in USA for these formulas only “Sun Ten” is available for you to buy on Amazon… The other 2 (Crane and KPC) can only be ordered thru a Doctor of Chinese Medicine (Acupuncturist/Herbalist)

But if you can’t get Sun Ten, a rule of thumb is to stay away from anything tablet(which are cheap) and go for capsules…All the stuff that comes from China is tablets… stuff made in USA are capsules. Evergreen is another brand that is made in USA that I have used in the past.

I wish they had a good product for Candida too… but beleive it or not, since Candida is generally caused by Antibiotics, and no such thing existed up to 50 years ago, there is really no Chinese formula for Candida…. I mean they recommend stuff, but nothing really very effective… Believe it or not, Candida caused by Antibiotics is a disease of this century and did not exist in ancient China…. so they never had to create a formula for it! …(Otherwise I had this thing cured in no time!) lol