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Healhy wrote: Hello guys. Weel I gona tell my history my brother died 1 year ago so I have a depression. Always sad always weak. Well Whatever. I watch a lot of coments here and everyone say that candida cause infections,headaches, fatigue,depression and food alergies, bloating and constipation. Well I go everyday to the bathroom but I don´t go very well. I always bloated I mean with full stomach. No stomach pain, no infections,no acne I´m just bloated.Maybe it´s the depression the cause of my bloating I don´t know. I just want to know if candida can cause just that kind of symptoms? I mean I don´t feel sick just tired and bloated. It doesn´t metter what I eat I´m always bloated. I know that noboby here can tell me what I have but it could be candida?

Hi mate,
the mind and the stomach is very much hanging together. There can be the path of having problems in the stomach and that leads to problems in the mind/depression.
You can have a change of acid in the stomach so you are not digesting your food proper, it could be that you do to your depression breath shallow, or eat your food to quickly or whatever affecting your stomach and health.

That your brother died recently I would work from the mind towards the stomach health. You should see a therapist, talking things through, a pastor etc.
There are some very good books on mindfulness which I highly reccomend.

Byron Kathie: Loving what is

then there is a very good book out on helping yourself after a traumatic thing happend to you. That book deals mainly with Post-traumatic syndromes and how to step out of them in a gentle way.

Then I would first start with an overall healthy lifestyle. Prayer, meditation, Taichi or whatever you fancy as a peace full starter of the day. Go for a brisk walk and take care off you.

Read books about healthy diet etc. Find what works out best for your body and take care of yourself. Then, if you still have problems you can start checking if you have candida or any other problems.

Remember not everything is Candida.