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Diet alone is what cured my candida. Previously I had tried all the antifungals, probiotics, and other supplements with no success. I think that none of those products work to beat candida. Some of those products may increase your digestive capability in the short term while they are still in your system but will have no permanent effect because you need to change your hormones/metabolic speed to actually beat candida.

Raw honey is just sugars that are predigsted for you by bees. It has probiotic and prebiotic components among other properties, but the fact it is predigested is why virtually everyone can tolerate it. All high quality honey is generally going to be in the raw state. If you suspect problems with honey then it may be wise to begin with a manuka honey as this type of honey has greater healing properties than a normal raw honey. You could also try eating just pure organic sugar, but honey is more nutritious and I cannot say if you will have the best results eating just sugar, but if you cant tolerate honey then this is the route I would go initially. Obviously fruit juice/fruit is better than just pure sugar, but if you cant tolerate honey then you may not tolerate many fruits I cannot say other then you need a large amount of sugar in the diet.

I didn’t eat any starches other than some pizzas after I had been eating lots of honey and juice already. I continued to eat meat and the rest of my previous low carb diet when I added the honey and juice I just ate around 3000 extra calories solely from the honey and juice. I didn’t gain any fat doing this, I lost body fat and gained muscle mass. When you have candida and the metabolism is slow eating a lot of clean sugars from honey or fruit will just increase your metabolism and cause fat loss. I think it is very important to continue eating a lot of protein in the diet as protein I think is a big part of the equation to speed up the metabolism but sugar is the other half. Also you may not require as much sugar as I did, I do not know. I think you should just introduce sources of clean sugars like honey or fruit juices and then eat them as your body craves them. My body craved a lot of these foods so I ate a lot of them initially, often more than 3000 calories in a day of juice.

Now I can eat any food. I mainly eat honey, orange juice, and pizza, but I have no problems eating any food now even ice cream doesn’t cause any problems. Previously I ate a very limited diet because when there is not enough sugar in the diet the digestive tract is not very strong and I had a lot of food intolerances along with candida.