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Well I went to see my Doctor today for a regular checkup. I was nervous but I mentioned candida to him. He said the last time that I was there when I had the burning sensation while peeing they sent my sample to the lab and checked for yeast and everything came back fine.

He goes on to write me yet another prescription for Doxycycline Hyclate, another antibiotic. Which I won’t be filling by the way. As the nurse was taking my blood I was talking to her and she’s like, you’re not dehydrated are you? This got me to thinking because stupid me has been doing enemas to help with the constipation. I thought back and I had done one on Friday night, the pain/burning started the next morning after sex. Not only that but the week I had my wisdom teeth out I was not eating or drinking like I should have because I felt so bad.

Now I’m wondering if maybe this could be a separate issue? Because like I explained to her I have also been getting weak/dizzy while standing this past week and had dry mouth which is another sign of being dehydrated. My urine also showed keytones today even though my blood sugars have been perfect for probably 6 months or so.

The more I look into everything or the harder I try the worse it gets or so it seems.