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1533jd;38579 wrote: Great to hear Alex! I would highly advise you to steer clear of people who undermine you and the disease and especially people who ridicule you on your current situation, I cant quite see the logic behind your friend thinking you need to do more!! Your trying to get back to your job and your occasionally working a job on the side! I have the utmost respect for you doing this, as I just wouldn’t be able to handle it. Anything you do outside the candida/chronic illness bubble has to be done in small steps…thats what your doing.

Unfortunately I have had to move back in with my parents and if you read my story, they along with my siblings completely and utterly disagree with my belief that I have candida, SIBO etc, even after seeing the results! They just think of it as quackery and tbh I have spent so much energy in the past trying to convince them that now I just have to breathe deeply and just leave the room in order to keep my sanity.

It sounds like your on the right track, keep strong and remember that people who don’t even know you care for your wellbeing. So much for losing faith in humanity hey!

Keep in touch

Thanks JD! Man, that sucks about your living and family situation 🙁 It’s good that you are comfortable enough with just leaving the room instead of engaging with them and making things more stressful and difficult. Such an important life lesson! I hope that you have a smooth recovery. I’m glad you’re here!