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Hey Alexalgebra! Im sorry to hear you’ve had a rough day! This blog always picks me up when I feel down ( and always helps brings me back down to earth and appreciate the small things in life when I feel down in the dumps. It also helps encourage me to be mindful.

This is another blog I’ve found recently which I thought was really useful, check out his most popular posts, some really interesting pointers!

Dont worry about your job your trying to do your best and thats all what matters. You will improve, your cognition and toxic fatigue will also improve as a result and one day you will be better and perhaps even better than you were before! Because all the gunk which was probably inside you for years will be gone!! Mwahaha!

I find its all about acceptance of where you are, if your anxious you are worrying about the future, if you are depressed you are thinking about the past and if you are content you are in the moment. Try and practice a bit of mindulness in the morning, 10 minutes, 20 minutes..whatever suits you. It’s worked wonders for my anxiety and toxic fatigue and Im sure it helps a lot for healing.

Try and remember to get yourself into situations where you find yourself smiling and laughing whether it be seeing a friend or watching a funny film. Chronic illness sucks, especially if know one really understands, so just remember you deserve alot of “Me” time and deserve to be happy irrespective of your illness.

I wish you all the best.