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xday2dazex wrote: How do you think I could improve it? Here’s info on my diet from another post.

Currently the only things that I have for sure every day are broccoli, cauliflower, rutabaga, 4 eggs, garlic, onions and brussels sprouts. The other things that I have that agree with me are avacado, asparagus, zucchini, jalapinos, green beans, and spinach. The latter group I don’t structure in any way into my day like the previous. I don’t have fish or meat at all to reduce ammonia in my gut, but I feel I need more protein. I was able to have buckwheat for a while and even teff bread but now both are really hard on me.

I should probably mention my spices/drinks too. I use garlic powder, turmeric, onion powder, cinnamon, cumin, truvia, miracle fiber and ginger (as tea) basically every day. Chicory coffee some days. I drip some olive oil over my veggies most meals after steaming them in the microwave.

You could try one of those sites like Fit Day. I think you enter your meals and it calculates all the nutrition data. You should be able to see what nutrients you’re not getting that way. Other than that just experiement. If certain foods give you bloating or make you tired, switch things up a bit. You’ll need a little while to adjust to any significant change in diet though.

The bruises could’ve just been a coincidence. Keep an eye on them and see your doc if more pop up or something.