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captainamerica wrote: My question is this, I have decided to cook large amounts of brown rice and organic chicken and vegetables, put them together and eat this for every meal of the day to avoid any contaminants that could feed problem. Should this be ok? I get soooo many back and forth, conflicting answers on internet of course.

Rice = starch = sugar = Happy Candida

Doesn’t matter what song everyone else across the Net is singing, the song here is that rice feeds Candida the same as sugar does as explained in the above analogy between rice and sugar. I’m talking about “all” rice since all rice is basically a starchy substance.

You won’t have to guess at what will and will not feed Candida if you follow the stricter version of this website’s diet. The foods are listed in an easy to read fashion and there are explanations for why foods are or are not on the diet.

If you want it, all you have to do is ask.