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Brown rice is harder to digest than white rice, and the nutrient content is unremarkable. GI problems are mostly solved with balanced meals. This could be why the only people in the world who eat it are health-conscious Westerners following bad advice. Traditional rice-eating cultures seem to know what they’re doing. Starch seems to be worse than sugar for some people with blood sugar problems, and if it’s not thoroughly digested or there are problems in the small intestine, then it’s a pathogen banquet waiting to happen. 2000-calories with so little nutrients can’t be good in the long run either.

Able900 wrote: Understood. The following isn’t a forum opinion it’s a scientifically proven fact. 

Causing a rapid heart rate to occur after exercising is a sign that the adrenals are overproducing stress hormones. 
Stress hormones are the number one enemy of the adrenal glands.

An exercise which does not produce a rapid heartbeat should be fine.

Common Adrenal Fatigue Symptoms in Bodybuilders and Athletes

Able, “adrenal fatigue” isn’t a scientifically recognised condition at all. That article suggests 80% of people ‘may have it’, which shows you it’s just another unsubstantiated theory of everything. Do you ever feel tired? You have AF, and I’m going to sell you 25 bottles of ineffective, expensive supplements for it. Candida is abused in the same way by money-hungry pseudoscientists who find evidence an inconvenience aka naturopaths. 

Overtraining is a health disaster though, and cardio is especially bad. If I remember correctly, it can even reduce the size of your thymus gland, and the cortisol disrupts thyroid function (increases RT3), which can throw everything out of balance. What you said about immunity is definitely true. I think something like intensive weightlifting and sprinting 2-4 times a week could have benefits though, but only if you’re up to it. If you struggle to get out of bed and fail to recover after workouts, then you’re exercising too soon.