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It’s basically going to be pure starch, so if you don’t digest it well, it’ll give you symptoms. The bran remaining in brown rice can also compromise digestibility. Anything that doesn’t get absorbed in the small intestines heads to the bowels where microbes, including yeasts, can get at it. Some people also find that starch spikes their blood sugar much more than simple sugars, and unstable blood sugar is really bad news for a candida overgrowth and health in general. Hypoglycaemia can depress immunity, increase oestrogen, raise cortisol and all sorts of nasty stuff that creates a susceptibility to infection. I think this explains many people’s extreme reaction to “cheating”. Vegetables and eggs one day, wine and chocolate the next = blood sugar in the sky and then back down in the gutter soon after.

What I’m really saying is that it really depends, and you can test it if you feel you’re ready, but be prepared for side-effects if it doesn’t agree with you. Make sure you’re already eating carbs before you introduce something like this. If you’re on just vegetables and eggs, your insulin sensitivity will be very low, and it needs to be high to maintain stable blood sugar when eating simple carb sources.