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I have been breastfeeding for about a year now and have been consistent with sticking to the website’s diet for over six months. I have experienced some relief but not much. Mostly I have been doing the diet just to keep my symptoms from becoming worse as I know that the diet alone won’t provide a cure. I just added in a new probiotic called renew life ultimate flora two weeks ago and it has given me die off like I cannot believe. This is all I’ve been doing because I’m afraid of taking antifungals while bf. Soon I will start taking oil of oregano as well as cutting out all grains once my son is weaned. I have been taking megaflora probiotics for some time now but I never experienced any die off with those. My die off symptoms are unmistakeable. Cracked heels, severe and constant back ache which started off as flu like symptoms. Hope this helps some!