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Hello, Heather, and welcome to the forum.

I don’t know if you were talking about this websites protocol, or the one that the forum uses. But if you’ve been reading the information that the website published, please keep in mind that this is much outdated material. The members of the forum use the information on the forum for their treatment, and not the website’s instructions. You will benefit from reading the information located on each of the links below.

You can trust that you don’t have to do the cleanse for the treatment to be successful. The “Proper and Safe Cleanse” below will tell you how to do a simple cleanse which allows more food, and if you feel you can’t do the cleanse at all, you can still cure your Candida/athlete’s foot.

If you have other questions after reading these two posts, just let us know, there are lots of people on the forum who are going through this and will be happy to encourage and help you when they can.


Proper and Safe Cleanse:

Allowed Foods: