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She passed away a couple of years ago, so I don’t think much has changed, but the important thing is the way they explain how the digestive system get all mess up.
And why buckwheat and rice flour are not allowed, nor brans ( rice bran or oat bran). She was fine with home made cow’s milk yogurt just her emphasis about the time of fermentation ( 24 hours). I did baked buckwheat bread but I can’t tolerate it, is extremely starchy. Rice is not allowed at all, but there are certain carbohydrates that can be tolerated because the way they are assimilated for the digestive system, they have their own legal and Ilegal food list, you just have to be wise and get to know your body to get it in balance.

The main point is that in this diet the carbos allowed are predominantly single sugars ( glucose or Monosaccharide) avoiding the two sugars (disaccharide such as sucrose (table sugar))and many-sugar ( Polysaccharide such a Starch) and for the ones who are interested and want understand more about your health I found it very interesting, specially the explanation about how the not allowed carbohydrates can not be processed for your “tummy” and the other complications besides candida these can carry.