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Hi Mama J,
It’s awesome that you and your husband are doing this together.

What do we need to do to start the cleanse?
here’s the link for raster and Ables protocol. It is much easier to do and live through than the cleanse on the site.

How do we know how long to do stage 1? By this do you mean cleanse or the diet?

Is it necessary to get the powders and clay for the drinks, or is warm water and lemon really sufficient? Don’t need these according to the protocol

The website says only veggies in stage 1, but here I read about some eggs and occasional meat… what is ok, what isn’t? Cleanse only organic eggs.

Are organic eggs necessary? Why or why not? Yes they are necessary. If you don’t have organic eggs you will be injesting antibiotics that the chicken would have gotten because it lives in a small cage with 3 other birds and it gets pooped on everyday, never sees sun or green grass.

Hope this helps. I’m only on week two of the diet and wish you well!