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I’m glad you brought this up. I am still experiencing this and I started the diet Feb 27 or 28 (brain fog, lol). I’d have to check my calendar. My experience sounds a lit like Arijana’s. took time to respond and process. Not much laughing, just took too long to get there. Very silly mistakes. Talk about neurological symptoms. Oh and I had severe ringing in my ears which is almost gone. Haven’t been on in a while bur staying true. Have introduced oat bran which I love, stevia, truvia, teff, buckwheat and organic yogurt. Also the megafood probiotic. May have introduced things too fast or maybe ups and downs of treatment but I am having some dieoff with yeast infection which wasn’t an original symptom of mine, seborrhea/ eczema flare up and increased brain fog. Now not sure what to cut back on or just hang in until it passes. At least it’s not debilitating. I should have followed the advice of many and kept a food and symptom log. Oh well I guess it’s not too late. Lots if stuff going on stressful too, job changing to new site, buying a house and ups and downs of raising a 4 year old with limits in my patience due to this damned condition and diet. (Deep breath). Guess I needed to say all that. Just another shout out to everyone who posts their experience and shares their knowledge here. Able I continually see you address new people and am duly impressed with your patience. Thanks for that.