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raster;38832 wrote: So you should be going to stage 1 next…

What is the cue to indicate that I’ll be ready for stage 1?

raster;38832 wrote: The people who are on the forum do not run the website so they are completely independent of eachother.

Good to know. I’ve been curious as to how this forum is funded.

raster;38832 wrote: I just listened to a radio show that mentioned how our body views certain mushrooms as invaders and the body thus floods the system with white blood cells which are needed to fight this threat. When they see the mushrooms in the blood, they realize that its food and then go off to fighting something else. The only unfortunate thing about this is if you are allergic to mushrooms, this could get all screwed up somehow. I would be very careful with them because if you have a very bad allergic reaction, you could go to the hospital as a worst case scenario.

No mushroom allergy here, unless a new change has arrived along the way. I love mushrooms. In November, I passed a 7mm calcium-oxalate kidney stone. I do have to watch my calcium and green vegetable intake. This whole diet and supplement thing has turned into quite a puzzle. The mushroom product was suggested because of my need to watch my calcium intake. I think I should be okay with drinking more water.

raster;38832 wrote: I have a good immune system product that is better and its called congaplex.

I may have to look into this one.

raster;38832 wrote: I hope you are not consuming soy sauce, crackers, prunes, etc. while on the cleanse because then it wouldn’t be much of a cleanse…

Consuming a diet of just greens, I seem to get hungry 1/2 hour after eating. Going to bed hungry is not working well! I need some sort or safe snack. I will make an attempt at the kale chips.