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Thanks Raster!!!
I’ve been taking the molybdenum 4x 150
Milk thistle (2-3 pills of 120 each)
And the nettle leaf tea (all day from a thermos)
Vitamin C only 1000 mg so far tho
Hot showers every night

I’m a little relieved it’s not a reaction to food.

I’m having a hard time increasing the coconut oil tho. (I haven’t had any in a day and a half and yesterday I had no digestive issues).
Weeknights I have about a tsp at night and weekends more like 2-3 tsp. I find I’m so jittery when I up it that I have to back off.
I’m also trying to cook with more garlic (dried and fresh). I’m cautious because it used to give me such painful gas and diarrhea the following day.

I’m still trying to add more supplements but I’ve been taking it slow buy introducing one thing at a time (food or supplements) to watch for reactions

Anything you think I can add or do differently?

Why do you think I always have th diarrhea in the mornings? Build while I’m digesting overnight that my body wants to get rid of?

Thanks again!!!!