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yisucks;53034 wrote: I recently started speaking to someone who is working to address my varying health problems as once…he has a strong knowledge of methylation, leaky gut, and genetics.

He strongly recommended trying boulardii, which I’ve been thinking about anyway.

I know dvjorge likes florastor, but he sent me a link to this:

Is it a problem that its boulardii plus other strains? I know I can’t have anything antifungal, but what about other strains of probiotics? Also, can olive oil be used with S Boulardii?

After a year and a half on the diet with not as much luck as I’d like, I’m ready to try something new.

Try Florastor is you’d like. Its probably best to take SB my itself.

The link is a completely different broad spectrum pro-biotic. Its contains maltodextrin and barley/wheat, I’d stay away from that completely.

Olive oil should be fine.