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There is a blood test for candida, others can provide the specific antigens or what have you it looks at to determine if ones immune system has mounted a response to mycotoxins. From my limited understanding, it’s pretty accurate but, like most tests can produce false negatives. This is a test I’m trying to push my MD to run in short order prior to proceeding with the more expensive and informative GI effects complete stool test.

If you are having histamine reactions, my hunch is it’s a red flag of an immune system response to mycotoxins. There’s reasons to suspect you probably also suffer, knowingly or unknowingly, from low body temps. The basal temp (body temp upon waking) is a good indicator. If this is true, one could suspect it’s a symptom of adrenal fatigue and/or hypothyroid malfunction since the endocrine system regulates body temp (and metabolism among a whole list of others). There is a whole list of adrenal/thyroid issue symptoms beyond body temp. I don’t know the exact cause/why but, the few times I’ve seen someone speak of histamine issues they have reported low body temps, even if they never took their temps prior.

There is a forum protocol for supporting adrenals.

There are iodine support forums around where they stress the necessary nutrient for proper adrenal/thyroid function is iodine, which is well known. Iodine is very powerful and supplementation requires critical co-factor supplementation beyond iodine – selenium, magnesium, Vit C, Vit D, etc….there are others who are much more qualified to speak on this than me.

The more I research my own situation the more I think adrenal fatigue/hypothyroid issues may be the underlying issue which allowed candida to become a problem. Dvjorge recently posted about heavy metals and adrenal/thyroids as there are other causes beyond iodine deficiency.