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You guys need to learn it clear to take good decisions !!

Stool test don’t say anything regarding to Candida Related Complex.

Candida cells are present in every individual. It isn’t the presence of unicells in stool that can diagnose an intestinal fungal overgrowth even when it gives an idea.

It is a blood test that looks for immune complexes what is effective. The immune complexes is the binding of fragments of complement of broken candida cells that get the bloodstream an act as antigens with an antibody. Immediately, an active IGG antibody binds to the antigen forming an immune complex (antigen/antibody) this formation can be seen under a live blood microscopy analysis. All who is suffering CRC have fragments of complement circulating in the blood. The unicell form of candida get broken to mutate to mycelia or germ tube. In this process, the fragments of complements are released passing to the blood.

Moreover, if you have an Allergist working with you, you have GOLD.

What you need to ask is for a Candida Intradermal test and a Candida Delayed Sensitivity Test.

This two tests indicate the presence of CRC.

A typical CRC response is an immediate reaction to the intradermal test showing Candida Allergy and a NON-responsive Delayed Sensitivity test result indicating NO immune response to candida.

The Allergist should give you Hyposensitization shots every week until you reverse the conditions. Long term shots reverse the allergy and wake up the immune systen to attack candida again.

Hope this help !!!!