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I actually did feel better for a while at first. I lost most of the weight that I had gain due to what I think was the candida. But now I’m still having the stomach issues and bloating problems.

I’m not sure how none of the tests can be conclusive. It was a very expensive stool test that alerted me that I had this issue in the first place. This is why everyone gets so confused. We may have a disease that doctors barely recognize, tests can’t determine and treatment works different for everyone. Especially when the candida experts on the forum sometimes directly contradict the candida website. I mean who put the website together. Is there anyone being held accountable. They should at least update it if they have found that something is no longer valid. Although I do appreciate the website, because with out it I don’t know where I would have started. It’s a no wonder I feel like I’m going crazy.

I think that in general since I’ve eliminated every possible bad thing from my life (alcohol, sugar, gluten, wheat, soy etc) of course I am feeling better… but I just don’t see how realistic it is to go two years like this. I’m miserable. It’s so expensive and time consuming to purchase organic foods, and prepare them directly for every single meal. I know it’s for a greater good, but honestly what happens if after two years I find out that it was actually something else.

I guess I’m just venting.