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Hi Javitzy,

Great feedback. What you said makes a lot of sense. My gut does need to make a lot of adjustments to this new diet, and I think in the past couple of week’s I’ve been a lot better about it, eating lots of veggies, taking these “stronger” probiotics, etc. So I agree with the idea of stepping down the probiotics a bit. I might take it once a day, rather than twice a day. I’m fine with that b/c they are expensive so it’ll save me some money!

I do think I’m having a salt deficiency problem, b/c I recently had blood work for an issue I was having and they said everything is fine except I had “low sodium.” I take medication for sodium (I have an auto-immune disease– Addision’s which requires I take something called Florinef for salt) so I increased it a bit. Also, next time I’m at a doctor, I will get my thyroid checked out to be sure everything is OK. That is actually something I need to get monitored with my Addison’s.

I definitely hear you about the excess PUFA. I will try to cut back on the almonds, and can switch to yogurt with some fat. I don’t know about organ meats…don’t know if I can bring myself to eat brains or liver, lol, but it’s a good suggestion 🙂