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teabon;50116 wrote: So I’ve been in the strict diet for about a month now. Lately I’ve been highly bloated, like I’m six months pregnant bloated. Why is this? Is it something that I am eating? I consume a lot of avocados and soaked and roasted almonds. Are these the culprits? I also eat a lot of eggs and flax seed.

Now, the muscle pain I’ve been experiencing is almost as bad as the bloating. Anytime I walk at a slight incline or up steps i feel like the day before I did a serious leg work out. My muscles are so sore all the time. It’s been like this since I started the diet. I’m not exactly in shape but I’m not to the point where I should feel like this. Are muscle pains and Extreme bloating normal?

I used to get bloated from flax meal, so I stopped eating it and the bloating ceased.