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Don’t worry too much, there is a perfectly understandable reason for this, and I can honestly say I suffered the same about 1 month in the diet too.

I am assuming you aren’t taking supplements to improve your digestion? (If you are I apologise).

What you can do to improve is:

1. Take one Betaine HCl capsule immediately after every meal, or at least those that contain protein. Make sure you get ones that contain pepsin, a digestive enzyme for proteins. Always follow this with a little water because you may get a little burning sensation in your throat.
2. If you don’t take these, try Zypan, which works similarly but is more effective (and expensive). Raster could possibly tell you more than me on this.
3. Definitely buy Swedish Bitters (make sure you get the one with Maria’s original recipe, alcohol free). Take 1 teaspoon 5-10 minutes before a meal, up to 4 times a day.
4. Chew your food thoroughly, as much as you can before swallowing. I take up to 20 minutes to eat one meal, making sure it is a paste before I swallow. This will be easier to digest.
5. Try eating smaller meals more often, every 2 hours or slightly more. As a rule of thumb, I eat no more than 10 bites per meal, which is 1 heaped teaspoon every bite.
6. Drink PLENTY of water throughout the day, as much as you can, since this will prevent constipation and thus the bloating.
7. Eat your last meal of the day no later than 2 hours before going to bed, because your digestive system starts to slow down at this time.
8. Drink ginger tea, with a little lemon juice (1-2 teaspoons) as early in the day as possible. This can help stimulate your digestion.

The reason for the Betaine/Zypan & Swedish bitters is that you are most likely suffering from weak/low stomach acid production. You need to take these supplements to get it to where it should be, and the whole digestive system works better by doing this. Thus you will reduce the bloating.

The tiredness I also experienced, it is very normal. Your body is adjusting to the new food sources (the fats, and lack of carbs), and dealing with Candida die-off toxins. You will get better in a couple of weeks, but you can drink nettle leaf tea, ginger tea… to make you feel better. Eating your meals in a smaller manner will also help, and drink loats of water too.
Sleep as much as you can, make sure you get at least 8 hours every day, 10 is better for starting the diet.

If you need any more answers I’ll gladly answer, if you knew most of this already, this post will benefit other members as well.