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Even though teas contain fungals/molds, it is definitely better than coffee. Typically during the die-off period you are rather tired and sluggish, so its definitely something that’ll help you perk up.

That being said, it will lightly set you back in the recovering; it will only prolong the process, but by how much? Its hard to say; for me, if I didn’t drink tea the whole diet it probably would’ve made the difference of something like 1-2 weeks after doing the diet for 4 months. This is just my guesstimate and is not scientific.

Organic teas definitely have less fungals/molds than regular non-organic teas. I have had maybe 4-5 brands of tea and they all contain molds. I found a brand that has less mold/fungi when compared to the others…I like it a ton! Its called “organic india tulsi holy basil green tea.” Virtually no reaction to it for me.

Keep in mind caffeine is the other main bad thing in teas. Caffeine leaches out vitamins/nutrients from your body that you need to recover. How much? Its hard to say; but it won’t set you back too much.

All in all I wouldn’t worry about it too much; just restart the diet and it’ll work for you in time. It takes quite a long time to recover from candida, maybe as long as 6-18 months for some people. I also made some mistakes doing the diet; no one is perfect and its a very tough diet for some to adjust to.

On a side note: You don’t have to be completely strict with every meal every day over the diet due to how long it takes to recover. The key is moderation of the bad foods, eating some of them very sparingly. For instance, a little bit of fruit here and there isn’t the end of the world; same goes for other some other items.