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Thank you for the replies and sorry for the delay in response.
I shouldn’t have read my emails before bed last night, after a long day when I was tired. Not to sound really pathetic, but I just wanted to cry on my insides when I read the replies. I had this overwhelming feeling of….I don’t know….being fed up about the whole thing. I wasn’t angry at you guys telling me what’s right, it just made me feel really fed up. I thought it would be best not to reply – who know’s the rant I would have had !

But today is a new day.

I’m not expecting overnight miracles, but today I have taken out what you said, so I ate breakfast – eggs with turmeric. lunch – broccoli, tomato, raw garlic. and oatbran baked with a little ghee, with coconut oil on. (and i am going to have eggs and spinach, onion and garlic for tea, running out of food in the house!) and, as normal, i woke up with a flat stomach, and as the day has gone on, it has slowly grown.

The reason I didn’t realise I was making mistakes over the past 2 months was because I never had what I would describe as a reaction to anything. when I have something bad (like the oil with vinegar in) then I can feel a reaction. Whereas, my belly just slowly grows, no matter what. And has done since I can remember, maybe 15 years old or something. So even after a peppermint tea, 1 hour brake, then eggs and veg for breakfast – already my tummy has grown.

But, like I said, I have taken out the things you mentioned, and I will buy some Swedish Bitters.

And I just read on another post that all tea is bad. Which has really put me on a downer. All I drink are herbal teas. do you think I should try a week with water and lemon and see what that does? – I know I’m not going to like the answer!

I’ll give you an update in a few weeks… if I survive that long….