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Hello, Alea.

First I can say that bloating is a normal experience with any Candida infestation, you may say it’s a symptom as it’s named as one on many of the Candida-symptoms lists.

The reason for this is simple: The Candida albicans will ferment even a small amount of food if they can eat it; this fermentation causes the production of carbon dioxide which of course will cause bloating, sometimes pain, and flatulence. The C. albicans also expel various gases, including alcohol, and you can imagine what this can do to the stomach and intestines.

A few suggestions you could try are:

1) Sometimes Stevia will cause bloating as a rare side effect, you might try leaving it out of your diet completely for a few weeks to see the difference. By the way, what are the ingredients in the Stevia, you’d be surprised as far as what some of the brands contain. I really don’t expect this to be the full source of the problem, but it may help a bit.

2) Researchers, in their many numbers, refer to millet as a seed, grain, or a grain seed. With the possibility of it being part of a grain and therefore actually being capable of feeding the Candida, I would try leaving it out of your diet for a few weeks to see if it makes a difference.

3) Monita was correct about the seeds and grains, and you’re probably not going to like this suggestion, but I would also remove the rice or almond milk, almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, linseeds, and psyllium. All of these have the potential of aggravating your symptoms which include bloating.

4) If you’re not already taking them, try some bitter herbs such as alcohol-free Swedish Bitters. Find the type that uses glycerin for extracting the herbs in place of alcohol or ethanol.
Bitters stimulate the flow of digestive juices from the exocrine glands of the mouth, stomach, pancreas, duodenum, and liver, aiding in digestion as well as helping a range of conditions caused by inefficient or allergy-distorted digestion.
A range of liver activities are also stimulated, including increased bile production and the release of bile from the gallbladder, again, helping with digestion.
This is a recent post with more information:

5) This one is probably going to sound strange, but ginger is an antacid, and research actually shows that bloating, flatulence, etc. is usually caused by a lack of acid instead of too much. So I would remove ginger for a few weeks along with the other items I’ve mentioned.

6) I would add Betaine HCL to your regimen.

Please keep us posted as to your treatment.